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Different views from people about how they feel about racial harmony

View 1: Lame, It is a waste of time, boring but it is very important. Because if we do not respect each other, conflicts and racial discrimination will occur.

My comment on the view: I feel the same as you, somehow it might seems boring. But it actually spread an very important message around!

View 2: Good practice for making Singapore a safe and peaceful place to live in. It happen on 21st July 1964. It has been celebrated in a lot of countries.

My comment on the view: I don't think that it have been celebrated in alot of country except Singapore.

View 3: I feel that it is great! People will respect each other races and religion. Singapore is a country with mix races and religion. Therefore this made the importance of racial harmony day. As maintaining racial and religious harmony is hard and crucial.

My comment on the view : Yes, I've to agree with you. At least we won't be like the catholic and protestant that fights for their right and races.

What will happen if Rcial harmony does not exist?

What will happen if Rcial harmony does not exist?
  • A lot of conflicts will happen between the people of different races.
  1. Firstly, there will be social segregation. Singaporeans will be living and existing separately in terms of work and play. It is not impossible for people not having to meet someone who is of
    different race. As a result, there will be a lot of misunderstandings and lack of understanding between people of different races.
  2. Secondly, the economy may be declining. The economy may be affected due to the conflicts which causes discouragement for other countries to invest in our country. This may cause a big number of unemployment for the people.
  3. There would also be unfair voting rights. People will be voting people of the same race or same committee. This can cause the people to be unhappy and as a result, there will be riots.
Here are some pictures of racial riots:

Information and facts about recial harmony

Racial Harmony Day (Chinese: 种族和谐日) is celebrated annually on 21 July in Singapore. The event is to commemorate the 1964 Race Riots, which took place on 21 July 1964.

Racial Harmony Day also represents a day for schools to reflect on, and celebrate Singapore's success as a racially harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of culture and heritage. In schools all across the nation on that day, students are encouraged to be dressed in their traditional costumes such as the Cheongsam and the Baju Kurung. Traditional delicacies are also featured in the celebrations. Traditional games such as Kutih-kutih and zero point are played in schools, where inter-class competitions are sometimes organised.

Why and how it was established

Why racial harmony was establised?
It was establised as it serves to remind our pupils that social division costs us dearly and that race and religion are potential fault-lines in Singapore society. It is a day for schools to reflect on, and celebrate our success as a harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of cultures and heritages.

Racial harmony first started 12 July 1964, it was to commemorate the 1964 Race Riots.

How it was establised?
It was first started in school and eventually over the whole Singapore.

The Importance Of Racial Harmony Day

The Importance Of Racial Harmony Day
  • Celebrating Racial Harmony Day is important as we will learn cultures and traditions of other races.
  • We can also learn the history of the different races and religions in Singapore.
  • By having Racial Harmony Day, we can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts of different races and make our country a democratic society.
  • Hence, we can all live together as one and face obstacles together. We must help people of all races.
  • We would also not face conflicts like in Sri lanka or Northern Ireland.

How singapore celebrate Racial harmony

In school, students are encouraged to wear their ethnic costume.

Different culture foods are served in school at different corner of the canteen.

Students have the chance to taste other races food.

Some school also arranges an assembly for the student to gather more information about racial harmony.

Games of different culture can also be found during that period.

Exhibitions are also put in place at the concourse.